From demo to final master recording.


Microphones : Neumann TLM 103, Royer 101 Ribbon, AKG C4000, AKG C1000 (2), Rode NTG4, 

SE 5600 Tube, Shure Beta 58, SM57, AKG D112 

Outboard : LA-610 Mic Pre/Comp, Chameleon Labs 7602 MKII Pre/EQ, Warm Audio WA76, Groove Tubes Brick Pre, Joe Meek Channel Strip, Apogee Converters, ART portable A/D, 

CAD CGM-2 stereo compressor 

Digital FX : Massey, Waves, McDSP, Plugin Alliance, UAD 

Monitoring : Yamaha HS7, Atlantic Monitors (vintage), AKG 702 Reference Headphones

Instruments : Fender Strat (California Series), Fender Telecaster (USA), 1970’s Takemine dreadnought acoustic, 1980’s Yamaha dreadnought acoustic, Lado solid wood body bass, Squire Fretless Jazz Bass, Eastwood Delta-6, Upright Piano, Full size Cello, Taylor Big Baby, Ibanez Semi-Hollow Body, Ibanez Hollow Body 

Amps : 1972 Fender Princeton Reverb (Vintage), Traynor YCV40, Fender Champion 600 

Electronic Instruments : Yamaha P45, Roland TD-11k Electronic Drum Kit 

Guitar pedals : Too many to list! 

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